Linet beds in Zambia and Mali


“We have been involved in African health development projects for a long time and we are pleased to support the quality of care and increase bed capacity in pandemic-affected countries right now,“ said Petr Foit, Sales Director Export LINET Group.

The high-end equipment, which also increased the capacity of the facility, was handed over at the time when Zambia faces the so far largest wave of COVID-19 in connection with the spread of the highly contagious Delta mutation. Local hospitals are dealing with an influx of the diseased and there is a threat of a shortage of beds for serious cases.

Linet beds in Zambia and Mali

The pandemic situation in Africa have been worsening within the so-called 3rd wave. According to WHO, only 2% of population on the continent has been vaccinated and the number of the infected and the deceased has been rapidly increasing. In addition to Namibia, South Africa, Tunisia and Uganda, Zambia is one of the most affected countries.

Photographs by Embassy of the Czech Republic in Lusaka

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