The patented Vibwife technology, combined with the unique AVE 2 birthing bed, brings support and comfort to the woman during all stages of birth and contributes to the successful birth process.

"Our strategy is to provide the healthcare facilities, birthplaces, and pregnant women with the best technology for safe childbirth and to support the natural processes leading to the birth of a baby," said Gunter Roper, LINET Group Global Product Management and Marketing Manager. "Thanks to the connection with Vibwife we can now offer safe and innovative way to give birth naturally". The promotion of natural births is an extremely thorny issue at a time when the number of caesarean sections is increasing worldwide, especially in developed countries. In Western Europe, the rate of caesarean section is up to 27%, and in the US, 32% of all births are performed by caesarean section.

Vibwife is a Swiss medical device company co-founded by a midwife, Anna Peters. “In midwifery training, I learned how important mobilization and positioning are. But soon I realized that what is taught in theory is often not feasible in practice”, said Anna. To solve this problem, she invented an ingenious mobilization technology for birth. This technology supports natural active birth by steadily moving the woman to support the natural birthing process. This product was put to the test in a clinical trial by the University Hospital Basel where a first interims analysis states "women and midwives overall rated their satisfaction with the product as excellent" (Urech et al. 2019).

Studies have proven that movements during the birth process have a positive effect: fewer unplanned caesarean sections, the duration of birth is shorter, and women require fewer painkillers (Lawrence et al. 2013).  The Vibwife assists by providing movements for hours and expectant mothers or their partner can use a remote control to choose the movement which makes them feel the most comfortable. "A birth is a very individual experience," says Chief Doctor Beata Loj, Sana Hanse-Klinikum Wismar. "There are women who move around the room during the delivery. At certain stages, however, many women want to be in the delivery bed where active movement during the birth is limited, this is when the mattress is very helpful,” she added.

LINET Group and Vibwife are companions on the same mission: enabling families around the world a strong start into life. The close partnership starts immediately and underlines LINET Group's commitment as the global leader in innovation for the birthing bed branch. The symbiosis of both technologies will play a central role in the state-of-the-art birth care of the future.


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