Stop pressure injuries


It is estimated that 95% of pressure injuries are preventable, but according to the EPUAP, approximately 4 million people still suffer from pressure injuries in Europe. People with reduced mobility and sensitive skin are more likely to suffer as well as wheelchair users, premature babies, the elderly, and the chronically ill. Treatment for a pressure injury can cost up to €70,000 due to a longer hospital stay, medication, bandages and the need for rehabilitation.

Since pressure injuries are an unnecessary complication and they can be completely avoided with the proper methods of prevention. LINET Group´s solution combines specific anti-decubitus mattresses and bed frames that can assist nurses in regular preventive patient repositioning. “We are able to offer different mattresses for different types of care and special patient needs,” says Michaela Domerecka brand manager LINET Group. The LINET´s portfolio includes both high-end active mattresses for use in ICUs such as the Vitruoso and the OptiCare, as well as mattresses for acute and long-term care, like the unique hybrid CliniCare 100 HF which combines the benefits of active systems and passive mattresses.

LINET’s determination to eliminate pressure injuries is not limited to only the technological aspects. They also provide workshops and training sessions around the world to raise awareness and provide professionals with clinical solutions that can be used to prevent this potentially deadly complication.

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