Moving and Handling Symposium 2018 MEA


“Moving and handling has been a very important part of our lives in the United Kingdom for over 25 years. In the UK, if lifting is part of your job role, then it is a statutory requirement for you to receive instruction and training. It is hoped, then, that after this training, injuries to employees are reduced, and in the case of patient moving and handling, injuries to the patient are also reduced, if not eliminated. This in turn has great financial benefits and creates savings for the organization,” says Lorraine Demott, Chairperson of the symposium and Independent Moving and Handling Practitioner. The mentioned topics promise mainly the application of Moving and Handling in practice, especially in areas such as Pressure Ulcer Assessment or care for patients with a higher weight. Participants will not only receive information, but the symposium also includes practical workshops related to the demonstration of suitable equipment for maximizing the benefits of the Moving and Handling techniques.

Patient Moving and Handling Symposium

7 December 2018

Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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