Sophisticated equipment allow people in bed and seniors to enjoy high-quality care at home. Under LINET Group, we present sophisticated German products that combine luxury design and high functionality typical for hospital beds.

We offer a complete range of products for a comfortable all-day stay in the home. The base is a comfortable and adjustable bed in combination with a functional mattress that can be complemented by a functional and design bedside cabinet and eating table. All in a trendy style and excellent quality.

The electrically-positioned bed for nursing and home care is a valuable aid for caregivers and residents requiring long-term care. These modern beds have been developed with stress placed on a pleasant appearance, functionality and individual comfort which meets the requirements of the everyday user.

Sentida 7i

The intelligent nursing home bed

The Sentida 7i intelligent bed offers the standard features typical for this range and, at the same time, provides intelligent features which are unique in the nursing care bed sector. These include weight monitoring with integrated scales, a bed exit alarm, a safety sensor, MobiLift and humidity assistant. The Sentida 7i bed is fully compatible with the Memoriana room concept.

Sentida 5

Safety and comfort in perfection

Maximum safety hand in hand with a cozy design. Innovative solutions such as the 3-stop strategy and the patented SafeFree® side guard concept reduce falls as well as the consequences associated with them and set standards in terms of safety, mobility, height adjustability and coziness.


A comfortable nursing home bed

The low bed height of 37 cm makes it easy to get into and out of bed comfortably, even for smaller residents, and facilitates transfer to a chair. The nursing staff saves time, as movita and movita casa can be moved and braked in any position.


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