Need to solve any of the following issues?

  • Patient vital function management
  • Pressure ulcers prevention
  • Accelerated recovery
  • Fall prevention

LINET's ICU solution in four steps

1. Analysis of your individual needs

We provide a complete analysis of your bed installation, an ICU needs assessment and a customised smart solution proposal for ICU departments.

2. View a demonstration

Discover LINET smart innovations for intensive care! LINET’s top products for ICU help to address the above issues thanks to automatic lateral therapy, smart integrated OptiCare mattress, Mobi-Lift handle, MobiRails and lateral tilt or i-Drive Power.

3. Order an ICU solution

Choose from our options! Multicare with a Virtuoso or OptiCare mattress, Eleganza 5 with Virtuoso or OptiCare mattress and Eleganza 3XC with a Virtuoso mattress.

4. Improve and train with LINET Academy

With LINET workshops and courses, all your nurses can train and improve. Follow the best practice with our education.

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Discover LINET´s ICU solution in four steps.