• Arab Health - booth H4.G50

    See you at Dubai, 27-30 January, 2020

Our solutions support healthcare professionals in their daily work.

Augmented reality

Explore an interactive experience of our real products and reside our real Arab Health booth H4.G50. Come closer to our products and discover their details.

Discover flagship LINET solutions and products

Intensive Care solution

Discover our combination of complex solutions for the special requirements of critically ill patients. LINET’s unique features provide excellent working conditions to minimize potential patient and staff risks and improve patient outcomes. Meet the Multicare intensive care and therapy bed equipped with a unique lateral rotation feature or try out Eleganza 4, an electrically positionable bed which you can customize to the needs of your critical care unit. Explore our intensive care bed Eleganza 5 in augmented reality.

Early Mobilization

Immobility of your critically ill patients has a crucial impact on their outcome. The AACN inspired the clinical team of LINET to create a 4-level Early Mobilization program using unique features from the Multicare critical care bed, such as Automatic Lateral Therapy® (ALT), Lateral Tilt, Mobi-Lift®, and the orthopnoeic chair position.

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Pediatric Care solution

All of our pediatric beds are adapted to meet special needs of small patients, from newborns to teenagers. The beds are designed to make the hospital environment pleasant for both children and their caregivers. To make children feel better in the hospital, we also design the room with our mascot TOM the Bear. Meet the TOM 2 hospital bed for children.

Obstetric and Gynecology solution

LINET Obstetric and Gynecology segment brings you a complete smart and modern product portfolio for the best woman care. Its complexity enables a high quality of care. The unique features provide excellent combination of functionality, ergonomy and safety, simplify daily work of hospital staff and increase patient outcomes. Our gynecology and obstetric portfolio is represented by the AVE 2 birthing bed which brings expectant mothers maximum safety and comfort and enables them to choose a suitable birthing position.

Acute Care solution

Our acute care portfolio provides beds for acute care units. We produce many different types of beds and each can be customized according to the hospital’s needs. At Arab Health 2020, you will see the Eleganza 2 hospital bed, which is equipped with many sophisticated functions, and you can see Eleganza 1 in augmented reality.

One Day Care solution

For one day care units, we will introduce our multifunctional chair and stretcher. Pura is a fully equipped chair for day surgery and diagnostic procedures, comfortable for dialysis, oncology treatment or blood donation. Sprint 100 is a transport stretcher with easy access to the patient from all sides, new accessories and simple handling. You will see both products in augmented reality.

Memories of last year

Recall what you could see last year at the booth. This year there will be even more. Come to our booth and discover our solution for your hospital. Meet new products and try our augmented reality 3D visualization. Our team of experts, which consists of clinical coaches and sales and product managers, will be ready to introduce you to all of the portfolios. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to meet and try out our products. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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