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An extra low patient positioning (patient surface height is 28 cm) significantly reduces the risk of injuries in case of falling out of the bed, especially during the night.

Ergoframe® significantly reduces negative effects (shear, friction) of patient positioning and increases patient comfort. It decreases pressure ulcers development in high risk areas.

Automatic stop in 3 different height positions. Intended for safe sleeping. Comfortable examination or easier mobilization of the patient.

is possible at three levels according to the client's individual needs.

The brake alarm automatically signals an unbraked bed and notifies hospital staff about possible danger. This prevents patient falls caused by leaning against an unbraked bed when exiting or entering the bed.

The double step locking mechanism protects the bed from unintentional release of siderails. The additional extender provide an increase of siderails for use higher active mattrasses.

Technical features

External dimensions

220 × 110 cm *
Mattress platform dimensions 200 x 100 cm
Clearance 13 / 15.5 cm
Mattress platform height adjustment 28 – 80 cm
Bed extension 10; 22; 30.5 cm
Maximum mattress height 26 cm including the extender
Safe working load 265 kg (Standard) | 265 kg (Washable) | 320 kg (Bariatric)
Bed weight 160 kg * **
Backrest tilt 0 – 70°
Thighrest tilt 0 – 34°
TR/ATR tilt 0 – 14°

* - by configuration
** - by accessories

  • Height adjustment – motor
  • TR/ATR tilt adjustment – motor
  • Backrest adjustment – motor
  • Thighrest adjustment – motor
  • Calf rest  – manual
  • Bed extension – manual
  • Panel Supervisor, patient handset

imaga 3 bariatric

  • Single collapsible siderails Image 3 
  • Bariatric will be available only with single collapsible siderails with the height extender. Exceptional two steps release mechanism protects againist unintentional opening both medical staff and patient. Outstanding strenght and stability helps hospital staff to protect the patient.
  • Ergoframe with double retraction:  +16 cm
  • Special scissor construction provides reduced height of just 28 cm above floor level.
  • Central locking of all castors from 2 points
  • Central locking of all castors from 4 points (O)
  • 4 double castors ⌀125 mm Tente Linea
  • 4 double castors ⌀150 mm Tente Linea (O)
  • 4 castors ⌀150 mm Tente Integral (O)
  • 5th wheel


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