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Innovative telescopic solution provides extra low height for accessing the bed safely and extra height for treatment.

  • Extra low 600 mm height adjustment gives additional assurance to woman in labour accessing the bed and therefore it is suitable for labour exercises.
  • Maximum height 1 050 mm for perfect position during perineal repair.

Simple swivel mechanism to hide the foot section which is fast and easy for delivery. It remains attached to bed, no storage on the floor.

By sliding up, you can get the bed quickly into the horizontal position while making use of a high load capacity of the section.

The firm conception of leg rests enables the care team to respond very quickly and effectively to different situations which may occur during the delivery.

  • When retracting the leg rests, the doctor or nurse has easy access to the mother in labour.
  • The setting of the leg rest height can be adjusted according to the bodily proportions of the mother in labour.

The unique oval shape creating space needed for perineal access fits closely to the birthing tub minimizing transfer gaps.

  • There is independent motorized pelvic tilt for better coccyx elevation.

Side rails with control panel easily integrated and concealable when transferring patients from one bed to another. Silent and easy turning with one hand. No additional space needed beside the bed. It serves as support to help patients sit up.

Integrated control panel with clear pictograms and symbols for woman in labour and nursing staff.

Nurses control locking of controlling movements.

High hygienic standard and compact construction of particular sections of the rest area and the plastic cover of the bed base reduce the time needed for the cleaning of the bed.

The firm construction of the birthing bed contains no cutting points or sharp edges, which increases the safety of the attending personnel.

Yes to natural childbirths. The woman in labour can choose a suitable position during labour thanks to the AVE 2 bed.

Technical features

Total length of the lying area 2122 mm
Minimum length in the default setting 1570 mm
Full width 980 mm
Castor size 150 mm
Minimum height 600 mm
Maximum height 1050 mm
Back section -10°/+70°
Seat section 0°/+18,5°
Trendelenburg position 0°/-10°
Leg rests vertical 0°/+135°
Leg rests horizontal 0°/+60°
Foot section adjustment angle 0°/-22°
Maximum patient load 240 kg
Overall product weight 245 kg
Batteries – back-up 24V/1.2 Ah
Voltage – input 230 V
Motor voltage 24 V
Ingress protection of the birthing bed IPX4
Device class I.
Classification of applied parts B
  • Trendelenburg and CPR
  • Extra battery backup
  • ABS easily disinfect
  • Lockout Control
  • No scissor-lift column system
  • Central brake easy to access
  • Easy transport with directional castor and pushing handles
  • Removable headboard for anesthesiologist (optional)
  • Nurse Call (optional)
  • Tilting holders for IV pole
  • Bacterial static leather
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Compact and separate space
  • Electrostatically painted with epoxy powder
  • Coating against corrosion

Choose different colour versions to meet the style of your individual delivery room interior.




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