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The AVE birthing bed is unique in terms of its visual aspect as well as original technical design. It provides a wide range of completely innovative solutions, which make using the AVE bed more comfortable and easier for women in labour as well as for assisting personnel.

Eccentric pole enables easy manipulation with footrest without necessity of removing it (place savings, quicker attendance, time savings)

Footrest (easy to manipulate)

Massage segment creating a wave reducing pains of the woman in childbirth and contributing to comfort and calm increase before the actual childbirth

Original concept of placing the loading area on an eccentrically positioned lifting pole enables simple sliding the footrest under the loading area without necessity of its removal.

One person can adjust this part to several secured working positions very quickly.

Lumbar support – fluently adjustable vaulting meets specific needs of the woman in childbirth. With smaller women in childbirth, it stands for lumbar cushion.

Reducing risk of faulty action

Minimum of adjusting elements

Mobile foot controller

Easy manipulation (by the mother in childbirth as well)

Compact and closed loading area

Easy cleaning (easy access to all the places)

Concept of loading area and seamless and removable upholstery reduces the risk of hospital infections.

Robust concept allows the partner to be in touch with the mother in childbirth all the time

No jam points

No sharp edges

Robust materials

100 % of leg supports fixation

Wide loading area creates feeling of security with the mother in childbirth

CPR and Trendelenburg function

Attractive and unique design

Friendly in working environment for the woman in childbirth as well as for attending personnel

Prestige of the maternity hospital = economic benefits

Technical features

Full length 2 100 mm
Full width (excluding locking screws) 1 016 mm
Minimum height including the upholstering 600 mm
Width of mattress 960 mm
Adjustment angle of the foot section 0° - 25°
Height range adjustment of the foot section 225 mm
Horizontal extension of the foot section +0°, 60°, 90°
Maximum elevation of height adjustment 295 mm
Adjustment angle of the back section -12° / +70°
Adjustment angle of the seat section 0° / +20°




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