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360°care for ICU

The 360°care due to Multicare and Eleganza 5 beds helps to address daily issues at ICU thanks to: Automatic lateral therapy, smart integrated mattress OptiCare, Mobi-Lift handle, MobiRails and lateral tilt or i-Drive Power.

360°care for Med/surg

LINET solution for Med/Surg is concerned to ergonomics of nursing work and support of quick and quality convalescence. Eleganza 2 with CliniCare 100 HF reactive mattress is covering all the needs of wide range of use all across the hospital environment due to its smart and safety features and unique design.

360°care for OBGY&pediatrics

Mighty solution is designed for all childhood categories from birth to teenagers. All begins with the birthing bed AVE 2, then is there MiMi baby cot for newborns, TOM 2 as unique and true child hospital bed. For school kind are is suitable Eleganza Smart Junior and not only teenagers enjoy Multicare Junior kit.

360°care for Elderly care

Solution for caregivers dedicated to much comfortable and quality care about the aging population. The Sentida 7i intelligent applicate the newest technologies and cozy design and offers smart features unique in the nursing care sector.

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